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LLCryptoLib Pinakabagong bersyon 2.0.1024

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LLCryptoLib - Kopyahin LLCryptoLib, bersyon 2.0.1024

Sa ngayon ay wala pa kaming rebyu tungkol sa software: LLCryptoLib, bersyon 2.0.1024. Kung gusto mo magsulat ng rebyu tungkol dito ay huwag kang mag-atubili na ipadala ito sa amin at kami na naman ay malulugod na isama ito sa website.

LLCryptoLib is a .NET library which allows programmers to easily add encryption, integrity and authentication services to their software. It is compatible with MS .NET and Novell Mono environments. It also provides shredding methods.

It offers both asymmetrical and symmetrical encryption classes and hashing functions for text and binary files plus full shredding capabilities. It also offers methods for digital certificates and public key management. It is free for non commercial uses.

It is free for students and academic purposes. Enterprise or commercial licenses must be purchased (see enclosed licensing options).

It is engineered to be easy to use and standard compliant, fully compatible with ASP.NET Web Applications and Visual C#, Visual Basic .NET, Managed C++ .NET Applications.

LLCryptoLib can be linked to managed (.NET) and unmanaged (COM) projects.

Hashing algorithms:

* CRC32
* FCS16/32
* MD2/4
* MD5
* SHA1-384

Encryption algorithms:

* ROT13
* Play fair
* Pseud odes
* Triple DES
* Irondale (AES)
* ARC4
* Blowfish
* Three fish

Digital Certificates:

* X509

Text to binary conversions:

* Plain text (UTF8)
* Hexadecimal (with 4 styles)
* Base64

Storage Shredding algorithms

* US Department of Defense (Dodd)
* Guttmann Simple
* Naves P-5329-26
* German VSITR5
* HMG InfoSec Standard 5

Library features:

* .NET API Compliant
(algorithms implements System.Security.Cryptography.SymmetricAlgorithm)
* Asynchronous feedback on operations through delegates
* Enum's based algorithm choice
* MSDN Style documentation on both HTML and WinHelp formats

LLCryptoLib is part of the popular Folder Crypt software by Little Lite.

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Laki ng file:10.25 MB
Huling update:12/12/2011
Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10
Mga linggwahe: Ingles, Italyano
Developer:LittleLite Software
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Pangalan ng developer: LittleLite Software
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